What is his intention with me? Or is he into me or just wants to flirt?

He liked me since Feburary, but maybe because i didn't show him my interest, he stopped pursuing. But this week, on Monday he was honest with me and said I was hard to read. And I tried to be open up with him and showed him some interest. On Tuesday he went out had some beer, he was not drunk, he could still talk about his and my study or career, but he flirts with me harder than usual while we are together, he hugs me from back to tickle me or puts his arm around me or sometimes touch my ear. Then he said he blamed it on alcohol of what he did to me. I was a little mad so I just left. He then sent me a message saying he was joking and didn't want me to leave because of what he said. Then he also texted me saying it was so nice to see you laugh and smile tonight, you are beautiful and you are more beautiful when you smile.
Last night he brought the soup and dish his Mom made to me and we had a great time together, this morning he sent a good morning text.
But there's something I need him to help me with on Sunday (it is about my school work and he is the only person who can run the machine I need to use for me on campus.), he kept saying maybe or we'll see, he never says yes or no, he was kind of unsure. This morning he asked me when I'm going to use this machine today, I said I have plans so I'm not coming today but I would really be so appreciated if you can make it work on Sunday. He only reponds ok after a few hours.
What does he mean by this? Does it mean he is not treating me as his priority or something?

is he just stringing me along , treats me like a backup plan? Or am I just being needy?


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  • He actually figured it out, that you are going out with him cuz you need help with machine. He feels like, he is being used,
    You should make it clear to him, if its not the case.

    • No it was for the school project, he is in charge of the machine. How to make it clear to him? What should I say?
      Does he like me or not?

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    • It happens don't worry, if he behave oddly, you have every right to dump him.

    • haha it's true~ I don't know why he's acting like that...

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  • I think he likes you but he is probably unsure if you like him back.

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