Would it be creepy if I made the first move by showing interest?

There was this guy in my uni class who I liked but got a transfer to another uni. I didn't really talk to him as I am the quiet one in the class and am shy, but now really regret it. He's not on social media but I know his email from a group email of the class.

Would it be creepy if I emailed him asking him to send me one of his presentations? (as he would then know that I basically went looking for his email to contact him even though I barely spoke to him). Then he would know I was interested or is this too out-of-the blew/creepy.

Everything in me is telling me not to make a fool out of myself as we are not even friends but this always happens to me where I miss my opportunity because I'm so shy.

How would you feel if someone did this to you? Would you think they were a creepy?


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  • It would be odd for sure. You never know unless you try. I'd give it a go and if he takes a offence? Who cares! He's in another university after all. :P


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  • That's not a move...
    Maybe just ask him if you could meet to discuss the presentation and then see if you two have chemistry. =)
    Go from there.

    • Hahaha I am literally only contemplating going as far as emailing him and if he had any interest he can make a move otherwise it wasn't meant to be.

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    • Ah shit

    • Oh, thank you =)

      Good luck!

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  • Men are feminized honey, make a move, hell never be a man.

    • He is pretty confident and manly. I'm was just too meek to talk to him at the time, but then he may still see it random and creepy. Erk my life.

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  • Just go up and say "hey you seem like a cool guy, you wanna hang out sometime?" the worst he can do is say no or that he has a girlfriend. Just be really chill about it, not too pushy and itll be fine. It might be awkward and you might be shy but afterwards you'll feel a whole lot better for talking to him rather than sending a creepy email