Does he have commitment issues or is he just not that into me?

So this guy and I have been on and off seeing each other for about 1,5 years. Due to miscommunication on both ends we always seem to be fighting every once in a while, both stubborn, you know -_- anyway, it used to be only about sex but obviously we both liked each other and i still do, don't know about him. In the meantime we've been with other people, he's the city's whore.. He loves his freedom.

About two weeks ago he texted me and I said I didn't want to do this anymore, but only date and be serious. He was shocked, started calling me and eventually came over to my place where i live with my mom. We talkes about it and he expressed he was concerned because if we'd be in a relationship we'd be fighting every two weeks, my cousin (his bff) wouldn't like to be in the middle.. He then said ok what would you want to do on a date.. I said go to the movies and he proposed a movie to go see, He slept over, nothing happenend we just slept. The next day he left and wanted to see me that same evening again. But later that day he texted and said it would never work, and that was that. 3 days later i slept over at his place, same story. Now, we're fighting again because when I went out i felt like he was ignoring me and I sent an angry text. Now he's pissed about that. WHAT DO I DO? Guys what is up with him? This has been going on for 1,5 years and prior to that he was trying to date me since 2012.
I know he doesn't want to feel as if he's forced into things and wants his freedom, but being with someone doesn't have to be like that? Did i fuck up by texting him?


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  • no you didn't fucked up by texting as i can see, that guy is not interested in you any more but he doesn't wanna lose you too. why dont you let him know that you both can be friends and date anyone that you both want to.

    • I did let him know before but he doesn't believe in that i think as it always turns into a fight.. Now it's my fault but he's a dramaqueen himself. Jealous etc.

    • Right now i don't think it even matters.. He won't talk to me anymore merrpppp

    • its good of he doesn't talk to you, but if he did again then let him know that your not interested in him any more and you moved on from him

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  • He is not that into you. You should let him go.