What do theses signs mean? Copying many gestures such as sighing and laughing at the same times as me and sipping her wine in unison every time I do?

I was out with a girl for a lunch date / party with her friends, and noticed every time I laughed or sighed she would too, and every time I sipped my wine she wouldn't let me do so a single time without in almost perfect unison, picking up her glass of red and drinking until I put my glass down. We might meet up next week and I'm wondering if she's into me?

  • It means something, and she's flirting..
  • It means nothing and don't think about it..
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Anyone's welcome by the way, male or female please?


What Girls Said 1

  • It's flirting, but doesn't mean she has strong feelings for you. Only mild interest at least.

    • Yes, interest doesn't automatically mean she wants to be your girlfriend, but at least she doesn't find you hideous or otherwise objectionable, so it's a start...

What Guys Said 2

  • It's called mirroring. It's a form of body language that indicates romantic/sexual interest or a very strong interest in whatever it is you are talking about or a very deep bond of trust.

    You can safely eliminate the third option if you don't know her well. You can eliminate the second option if you weren't doing the talking. But there's always a chance it was coincidence and you should always look at multiple signs and the context.

  • If this lunch date was together with her friends it is a subtle way of revealing a strong affection for you.

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