Getting over your best friend of the opposite gender?

A friend of mine recently confessed his feelings for his girl-bestfriend as the two of them have had on and off feelings for one another for about 2 years and I guess he just had enough and wanted more. She rejected him because they are different in ways that she doesn't think a relationship would work and also because she is a muslim and he is not so it wouldn't work out in the long run I guess so she said its just not a happenng thing. I thought this was so horrible to do to someone... lead them on or know they had feelings for you and didn't infom them it couldnt be anything more. They've decided to stay bestfriends and he's just trying to get rid of the feelings towards her. He did this about 3 months ago now I think... possibly 4 and apparently he is still not over her but he is working on it, he still sees her when they are both free and I told him that he won't be able to get rid of them if he's still seeing her so frequently that he needs to cut her off at least a little bit but I don't think he will take on board what I say and will probably end up learning the hard way. I was wondering how long do you think it will take to get over someone you liked a lot for such a long time on and off that never blossomed to anything more?

Has anyone else been through this before? How long did it take you?


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  • It can take a while. If it's best for him to focus romantic interests elsewhere. That's usually the vast way to forget a crush.


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