Why do guys never approach me?

I was slightly hesitant to post this at first, but I thought that maybe you guys would have some thoughts.
So I am 16 and pretty much everyone that I know has been asked out multiple times, had boyfriends, kissed etc... Not me. I don't know why but no boys ever approach me or seem to show any interest.
I definitely don't think that I am a 10 but I don't think that I am unattractive either. I wondered if maybe it was my body language and I came across as shy or something, but upon reflection I don't think that I do. I join in as much as everyone else, smile, laugh, joke etc...
So I have no idea whatsoever.
Why do you think that guys never approach me or seem to like me? What are the things that make you look at a girl and think 'no way'? Is there anything that I should be doing differentl or might be doing accidentally? Anything will be appreciated. Thank you! :)


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  • Girls say they want to get approached, but then when a guy finally gets the balls to do it, he is either ignored or mocked indirectly, or if he's lucky they will have a conversation that may or may not lead to something.

    Then the guy starts to doubt himself, and he loses courage, and how can he get a girl if he has no courage to talk to her?

    I blame technology, simply saying 'Hi, I'm Jake' will set alarms off in a girl's mind nowadays.

    Everything is either creepy or weird, and I blame technology, we do not know how to socialize anymore and it's pathetic.


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  • I've been in your situation when I your age, so were many of my girl friends. The reason? We appeared closed off. We never really gave ourself the occasion for it to happen. It had never happen so we didn't know how to make it happen. We were all late bloomers I think.
    As you said, it's about body language, about the way you react when a guy talk to you.
    Personally, I didn't have the best self confidence when I was a teen. As I grew older, I gained confident and easily talked to guys. Then one day, I got asked out way more.


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  • Maybe because you look 16. Guys who are legally within your age range are not likely to have the guts to approach you. I bet the people you know who have been asked out met the guy because of specific circumstances rather than just random interaction. Eventually, when you are older, you are just going to have to learn to approach men, or try online dating. Waiting for the perfect guy to just randomly approach you seems like a pretty bad strategy.