This girl in my college class that I like, does she like me or the car :( ?

Okay there's this girl in my college class, I think she liked me the minute we met... you know how you can tell etc. So right now we are finishing up a project with 3 other people and yesterday after class, I went to give her something for the project from my car, she waited and I drove up to her and she smiled when she saw me, a smile that I've never seen a girl smile, now she's been texting more so than before and she texts me back in less than 20 seconds no joke, my question is before I pulled up in my car she never responded so fast to my texts etc so what's the deal now, does she like me or my car, and my car isn't no bmw or Mercedes or fancy luxury car, it's just a basic entry level v6 2016 mustang, Whats the deal now with her texting me so much? Is it coincidence? Hopefully?


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  • nah... how much does a mustang even cost?

    comment back with what car SHE drives... that would be a good indicator

    • She drives a 4 door mid size sedan, I don't know the brand but ita a fairly new car, no more than 5 years old judging by how it looks, it's a nice car.

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    • "maybe she was impressed by my work"

      hahahahah lol I don't know man, maybe just maybe your essay was some good Shakespearean shiz. But either way, you got a girl crushin on you sooo 🤗Pop the bottles and champagne like you won a championship game (you know what song I'm referencing to)

    • Thank you for your help and lol no I'm going to give her the flowers before class, that would be totally random, anyways see you around, :)

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  • ignore that thought about her being a 'gold digger'. i mean subconsciously don't we all judge or get attracted to someone for something.

    i mean to put it in a bigger picture. you use your friends for company. putting it that way sounds shitty but that's what they're there for, right?

    • You make a very good point, didn't think of it that way.

  • Mustang? The car lol.