What makes a girl dateable?

Hi. I'm a chick who sort of chubby, short 5'2, funny, witty, adventurous, straight forward and smart. I love to crack jokes and everyone finds it super entertaining. I also like geeky things, cult films, comics and video games.
Problem is... no guys have approached me. Sadly I'm always the one approaching them. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me. What makes a girl datable? Does she have to act a certain way? Look a certain way? Dress a certain way? :S
I'm nice too and caring. I love to tease and act like a kid but I can be very philosophical too.
I kinda hate having to always approach or ask the guy out. :S


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  • your perfect like you are now... dont change and be yourself there willl be guys who will notice you, if there are already


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  • what do you mean you approach the guy? like you ask them out on a date.

    rule number one then. stop.

    i think guys like the playful' type, if you want some sort of 'category'. some like the 'slutty' ones, but that's not what i'm talking about, and neither should you strive to be one of those.

    i think what makes a girl attractive is her dependence? in a sense. she's not so clingy on a guy. obviously physical appearance is a must have. i took psychology and this is one of the few things they care about the most. sad. but true. there's another thing but i forgot... i'd look itup


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  • The problem is you chase men. You have to know your worth and focus on yourself. That how you get a man. You are the prize!

  • Woah your description sounds similar to me :o
    Difference is I'm 1 inch taller and I'm more into animation films than cult films
    Aside from that we're pretty similar LOL
    Honestly you sound pretty dateble so I don't know why people like us always end up having to approach