College semester is almost over, have this girls number from class, we texted only about work with classmates. Would it be weird to text her?

Weird to text her and let her know I'm interested in getting to know her or would like to take her for bowling or ice cream or something I don't know lol. We've talked to each other in class before but most if it has been about school, the final is Monday and I won't have another chance, the reason why I don't want to do it in person and wait is because I might not be able to catch her in time if she finishes the final before I do, then she's gone forever. She has also responded positively to me, she is not a mean person, what do you think I should do or say?


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  • No that's not weird at all. If she like you back she's gonna say yes, if not she says no and you'll never have to see her again.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

      Hey, if you can could you let me know how this works out?

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    • Okay great to here thanks for the update!

    • She told me no, and that she hates me lol just playing were gonna talk tomorrow and set something up thanks for your help

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  • I don't know man depends on how ur gonna word it

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