How to ask out my crush who likes me back?

So my crush has liked me back for at least a year (never told me, just obvious) and I don't know what to do. Should I ask him out, ask him to prom, or befriend him, talk to him or something else? I want to date him, but I've never been on a date before or asked someone out or got asked out before. We aren't friends and haven't talked for about a year but like each other...

If you want to know how I know he likes me, well, he stares at me all the time, faces me all the time & doesn't even face the person he's talking to to look at me, tries to be near me whenever possible, talks to everyone in group convos but me, etc.

How should I ask him out or ask him to prom? Should I?


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  • Try and start up a dialogue with him, see if you can get to know him a bit better after this year-long gap, then slip the question in somewhere when you're sure he's still the same dude you liked a year ago.

    Because you've already known him for so long it's not like you have to wait very long to ask him out, just make absolutely sure he's still on the same page as you.


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  • ask him to prom

    • How?

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    • Not yet 😭😭

    • well i dont no when prom is but ya better hurry up

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  • Yes, ask him. He likes you. The words need to come out, but if you're shy write him a note or pull him aside when you see him and just bat your eyelashes at him and say, 'Do you want to come to prom with me?'


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