Totally fed up with this situation?

Is it normal to see the person you're dating once week even if you live like 15 mins away from each other? I want my realtionship to grow and seeing him once a week doesn't feel like it will happen. We both work and I'm not asking for him to take me out just come chill with me in the evenings or something casual. He always sends me these messages of how excited he is too see me but tbh i don't believe him. If he missed me that much he'd put everything else aside.

  • Once a week is normal
  • Not a good sign especially if you live so close
  • Other
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  • Suppose I'll ask, how long have you been together? What kind of work does he do?

    • Only about 6 weeks so it's new. He is a electrician with something to do with I. T it's a hard job to explain. He works 9 to 6 and to be far he gets called to different parts of the country. We live in Ireland so it's not big but he does have some late nights so I'm trying not to be really harsh,

    • No that's fair enough. I'm just thinking that if he's really exhausted it could just be he knows he's really tired and doesn't want to rock up just to fall asleep. And being still new he may not want to appear clingy to you etc.
      So I may change my answer from "not a good sign" to "normal" given the current time/job etc. I've been with my SO for 2 months and he works like 12 hour days as a carpenter so when I stay the night on weekdays he just sleeps and spends like no time with me, which sometimes gets to me because it can suck, but I know it's not his fault he's just tired.

      So perhaps just tell him you'd like to spend more time together? no hints etc. Ask if he wants to come stay another night, if you live close by it's not like you're any further from his job than his own place, or ask if you can go to his house for a bit so that way when he's tired you can just leave etc.

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