What tips do you have for a guy with no idea how to get a female friend?

So, i am terrible when it comes to making friends in general... But I'm especially bad with women. In high school I couldn't make friends, and now in college it's no better. My freshman year in college, I tried to make friends and failed miserably. So, I'll ask you what's wrong. Generally, I just try to make small talk and get into a conversation. I bring up topics that have to do with something that we have in common, but usually I can't seem to keep the conversation going.


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  • Something I use is to just keep coming up with super strange questions to ask them like: if you had a tail what would it look like? Which of the four elements would you want to control?


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  • Join lots of clubs that interest you and girls will be there who share the same interests. Group conversations will help at first.

    • Problem is I tried joining a club, and it was just to much to juggle at one time since i take 6 courses per semester.

    • Oooh wow well maybe one club?

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