He stood me up. What should I do?

I met a guy because of friends in common. He is not even good looking but I decided to give him a try when he asked me out today. He texted me "I am on my way" "where are you?" and suddenly he stopped replying to my text messages.
I waited for him for 40 minutes and nothing! and i know he was online but he did not reply to my messages.
I am so angry right now but what should I do? insult him, ignore him or ask what happen?

Is the first time that someone do this to me and i am so angry.
+1 y
Today he texted me and told me that his phone was without battery and that he feels sorry and blah blah. He also asked for another chance but I do not know. I feel humiliated.
He stood me up. What should I do?
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