Dating a guy that states he occasionally uses cocaine?

I've recently been seeing a guy (about 5 dates) so no, it's not serious but I am very interested in him. We went out to dinner the other night and we were just chatting and somehow the mention of drug use came up. I mentioned, and was embarrassed about using the occasional weed edible for my migraines and back pain. He mentioned he did muschrooms, very rarely acid, and sometimes did cocaine. I couldn't get a straight answer out of how often that meant and I said I never wanted to be around him if he'd done those drugs that day and I didn't ever want to see the stuff. He politely agreed but asked if I had a past experience with those drugs and I said no, but the idea of them made me uncomfortable. He respected that. i know he does suffer from ptsd from being in there army. I don't want to seem hypocritical because I use edibles maybe once or twice a week, but the harder drugs he does makes me uncomfortable. Am I overreacting or would you feel the same?
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He asked at the time of the discussion of it was a deal breaker and I said no, but I honestly don't know..
Dating a guy that states he occasionally uses cocaine?
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