How can you tell if someone likes you even if they don't flirt with you, but then all of a sudden one of their friends asks if you like him/her?

My friends introduced me to one of their friends he was very cute but I didn't say anything to him and he didn't say anything to me, until I took my jacket off and he noticed my Assassin's Creed t-shirt and he asked if I was excited about the new Assassin's Creed game and I said yes... 2 weeks later I see him again, I asked him and his friends a question and he answered and that was it, 2 months later I was at a party and he walked passed me and looked at me and notices my shirt and said, " someone likes Avenged Sevenfold" and once again that was it the whole night he didn't say nothing else to me. Another 3 months passed I was wearing another band t-shirt and this time we had a long conversation about music and he was showing me a video of a band playing live and he was telling me how great it was. Every once in awhile we will talk and it's usually about music or games. It's been 7 months now since I saw him, and his friends ( that I know as well ) and one of them asks me if I liked him. So my other friends thinks he might be interested in me but he is nervous and he asked his friend to see if I like him, but I don't know. I might see all of my friends again including my crush and I don't know what to do.


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  • I'm ugly so I don't have to worry about rather or not women and girls
    flirt with me?

    • Don't say that!! Everyone has someone for them no matter what.

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    • Because I have friends in their 30's still a virgin and they had a hard time finding a girlfriend. Now they found someone, I had 3 guy friends that was having a hard time the third one recently started dating and it has been 6 months now. He was the oldest 34. So it's possible, you don't have to believe, but I believe in true love. I also believe that it takes patience even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it.
      I'm 24 single and a virgin, I have been single for a long time I don't know if it counts but my only boyfriend I had was in 6th grade, after that no guy was interested in me until now finally someone seems to be interested in me.

    • I bet those guys were good looking.

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  • Maybe he is interested in you and he asked them to see if you like him as well?

    • I can understand that, I'm not really use to it, especially with this situation. I guess I will wait and see. Thank you for your opinion.

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