A guy I'm in love with moved away :( ?

We met 2 months ago and we clicked. He moves quite often for convenience, we met practically the same day he moved to my city. It all happened very spontaneously and we ended up seeing each other for 2 months. He is an amazing guy I like him both as a friend and as a partner. I knew from the start that he might move away again and I didn't care I just wanted to live in the moment. Now he moved away 8 hours away from here and who knows if he'll be coming back. He wanted to stay here but because of his job he had to move again, his job makes him move. He is traveling the world. I don't blame him I would do the same if I could. We agreed to keep in touch and we do, he said he's gonna come visit me in like 10 days. He said there's no way we're never gonna see each other again that he can't let that happen that he'll think of something. He even said that he's working on making this job his own company and that he will hire me (because I work in the similar field) so we can travel together. It's all nice and sweet but I don't like wishful thinking, I know I have to forget about him but it's so hard. I feel like he's my soul mate, but at the wrong time. I'm both sad and happy in the same time. Can't really describe it lol. I'm sad he left but I'm happy I met someone like him and that I fell in love. But yeah... I need to move on. Would that mean cutting all communication?


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  • Why don't you admit it to him? Who knows? Maybe he feels the same way about you.