The Guy I like is graduating and moving away?

Alright so I'm a freshman in high school and there's this guy in one of my classes who I have been crushing on all year. We constantly flirt in class and talk. He has everything I want in a guy: he shares the same religion and beliefs as me, he's super funny and attractive, and he's really musical like me. The only thing is that he is a senior and I'm a freshman, so I know that there's no way my parents would let me date him. Also, after graduation, which is like in 15 days, he is moving 2.5 hours away to college. He seems interested in me, and we have had conversations about how we could see each other together and stuff, but I know he is not nearly as into me as I am to him. All my friends keep telling me to get over him and all, but I just can't. For almost 2 weeks there's been a big weight in my chest and I can't shake it because I know I will not see the guy I'm in love with for a super long time and that he's not serious about me. What do I do?


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  • It tough for you at your age I know what it's like to lose someone you like, but if he is not it to you like you are into him then there is not a lot you could do unless you told him how you feel he is moving away and might meet other girls at college they always say the first cut is the deepest but your young in time I am sure you will find other guys in time and you will get over him it's hard I know


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  • Find someone else to distract you. This guy is going to go to a college and find a girl over there that is around his age.


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