Why doesn't my boyfriend take me seriously?

My boyfriend of 7 months, i don't think he's taking this relationship seriously or me. He said he's never had a relationship or a girlfriend before and I'm his first. I've had 8 boyfriends, he's my ninth one. So i know what it means to have a relationship but he doesn't understand. I've tried explaining it to him before but he still doesn't understand. I really like him a lot but I've also had enough relationships to learn to stop fighting for bullshit. I try not to make a fuss over the little things but I've learned even the little things count. He says i often irritate him which hurts my feelings. He says i ask questions that are pointless and random, they're mostly just "Where are you going later? Do you work tomorrow? Can we go somewhere tomorrow? How was the game? What kind of food do you like?" I told him that I'm his girlfriend and we're supposed to communicate and it's really hard to when he doesn't. I've also told him i don't think he should only be devoted to me but i would like to know how he's been or up to. He hangs out with his friends more than me, he invites me along but i don't go because I'm still ignored. He always wants to know what im up to and i tell him but i can't get any information out of him. He says he really likes me a lot and likes the way i make him feel. We're both virgins. He's 26 and I'm 20. My friend says it because we're a different race, im mexican and he's black, which i think is dumb. He's very sweet and kind too. He irritates me when he says "ok" after I've said stuff like, "I missed you. You knew we had plans. I feel like you're messing with me." I am not the nagging, clingy, psycho girl. All i want is basic information and for him to take me seriously. I don't care who's he with or what he'll be back. I just want the when and where. He wants to know and I'm the same. I don't blow up his phone with texts or calls, just one call or text and that's it. On average day i see him about 2-4 hours.
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Is it because he's scared to open up?
Why doesn't my boyfriend take me seriously?
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