Is being "intimidating" (or just awesome) off-putting to guys because it emasculates them?

In the past I have been told that I can be seen as "intimidating" because of the way that I live life.

I have travelled almost constantly as a solo female and have done things such as hitch through Asia and live on a deserted beach in a hammock, work in the Australian outback on a mine, run jungle survival skill schools and paddle 200km across an ocean on a self made raft.

I often find that when I talk to guys about myself (they ask, I don't brag) about what I do they either become somewhat stand offish and I don't hear from them again or the relationship never gets past a friendship. Those who I have become friends with have told me that I would be "intimidating" to have as a girlfriend because I have done so much stuff that they would feel like I had "beaten" and emasculated them.

Without blowing my horn I am quite an attractive person with a slim body shape so I don't think that it is my looks putting people off.

What is your opinion? Would you find it difficult to date someone like me because you would feel emasculated and like I had "beaten" you in the life game? :/

Apologies if my post seems rather arrogant. I'm just interested in your opinion and thought is best be honest to see what you really think.
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Update: I should have clarified that when I said I 'have travelled constantly' what I actually meant is that 'have travelled constantly for the last 4 years and continue to do so'. I do not work in what might be considered a normal job but rather do things such as the above for employment. Except for the hitching obviously!
Is being "intimidating" (or just awesome) off-putting to guys because it emasculates them?
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