Should a girl reveal that she is bisexual on a first date?

Would a guy be scared or turned off if a girl told him she was bisexual on a first date? It's not like I go around flaunting the fact, and it's not a tactic to attract guys, but should I tell him on the first date or maybe wait for later, until the relationship becomes more serious? Of course I plan on telling him sooner or later, just when would be most appropriate.



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  • This is total date ammunition, fire at will. Guys love lesbians, so if we date a girl who can also understand our love for girls, it only makes us think you're hotter. It would be lame if a girl said this for the sole purpose of trying to impress us tho, so don't be like 'Hey, guess what's hot about me, I like other girls.'

    A great time to mention this would be if you're out on a date and you catch him noticing a girl's assets (which you should NOT hate him for, read other answers about this). Just say 'were you checking that girl out? Man, she is pretty hot. Sorry, I'm a little bi.' That's a situation we are normally screwed in, but you could turn it totally awesome.

    If you don't want to flaunt it though, it would be best to let him know before serious dating starts, just because for some minority of guys this could be a big issue. If he's kind of an uptight guy that might not like learning this, you should probably say you've just experimented with girls, and kind of liked it. It might also help to say something like guys are better in relationships anyway or something, to cool any fears of competition. Say when it comes to girls you hate all the mind reading or stupid drama or something else that guys hate about being in relationships with girls.

  • i think you should be straight up


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