Sneaky ways to know if he likes you?

Am not only asking about signs.. but also some sneaky , indirect ways to know if he likes me or not

Waiting for ur ideas


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  • If he looks at you a lot trying to hold eye contact and looking att enough when your not looking if he is shy he might get nervous around you if you try to approach him he might blush as well

    • He looks at me a lot
      Smiles and blushes too
      Teases me and makes me laugh

      I think he likes me but i dunno why won't he say so i want him to make the first move and i have no idea what to do.. please help?

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    • How can i show to him that i like him?

    • For me the best way for you to do that maybe is when you see look at him and smile at him or throw hints like ask what's his plans for the rest of day etc or if you see any of his friends if they a re about give them clues that you like him and tell them you want him to ask you out

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  • -Checks you out.
    -Compliments you.
    -Teases you.
    -Talks to his friends about you.
    -Touches you.

    • He does all that.. but i dont think he knows i like him , what signs i should give him to make him aware of my admiration?

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  • You should feel this lol there is no way to learn that.

  • Sit on his lap. His penis and facial expression will do the rest.


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