How do I date such an adventurous girl?

How do I date this girl who is super adventurous? She's one of those girls who lives life like you have one chance so why not take a risk and make the best of it. I had no other way of contacting her at one point so I dm'd her on Facebook and she replied and was actually chill about it. Now every time I see her at my work all of her friends know who I am and she just smiles and stuff like that and I'm a bit imbarassed but yeah. I feel like she's a bit of hoe because she's at stagecoach festival right now and you should see some of the shit she's wearing 😩. I've known this girl for a really long time and would be willing to make a lifestyle change for her. I know that sounds wacky but she is gorgeous and I really want to have a chance with her. And no I'm not just in it for the looks. I have a pair of tickets for a baseball game coming up. Should I ask her to it? I kinda wanted to get to know her a little better and I think this would be the perfect way.

P. S. Sorry for this being all over the place


What Girls Said 1

  • So you're into her, yet you have the nerve to call her a hoe?
    I seriously do not understand human-beings. *scratches head*
    "And no I'm not just in it for the looks."
    Yeah... right.

    • Go live in a cave then

What Guys Said 1

  • Go for it. You have nothing to lose. I'm engaged to an adventurous girl. She always talks of travel but I'm not into it. We make it work though

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