When You Know A Guy Isn't Good For You, Why Can't You Help Liking Him, Anyway?

Hello, everyone!

So, this question is not only for myself, but for a lot of girls who feel very similar. You meet a good guy and be turns into a jerk, but after he changes, your heart is attached. And, you can't stop it. For me, I can't stand my ex's behavior but, I miss him...

When a guy acts like he is considerate, sweet and just a good man. And, then, he changes. He starts to ignore your texts, stops calling and then, he disappears. Or, worse. He lies, cheats, etc. So, why do we feel anything for them? Why do we like them? Why do we want to be with him? Why can't we just ignore him?

Is there a way to erase these feelings? Or, is there a way to explain it? Any advice anyone could give would be great. Thanks!


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  • Because no one is terrible 100% of the time. My ex had such wonderful sweet moments with me, helped me a lot financially, and I thought he was just overall the perfect guy when he was nice. However, when his bad habits came out, it was a lot of cheating, lying, and a very bad temper! The problem is, we can't cover up someone's "bad" actions with their "good" actions. And I believe that's what they try doing too. At least my ex did.

    • I know what you mean. He can be a great guy, such an amazing dad, and he can be very decent person. But, what he did to me was so awful. Everyone says I should be over it but, I can't help it...

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    • Aw, I understand it can be hard with someone you have to see often. But one day, you will see him and feel nothing for him! I wish you the best of luck and I know you will be blessed with the man of your dreams! 🌟💜✨

    • Thank you so much! I believe the same of you. And, I definitely wish you the best! Hopefully, we'll just be friends and that special guy will stroll aling someday soon. 😋 💜

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  • thats everyone in any relationship.
    in the beginning it's easy to be nice, wear a mask, compromise and be your best self then we all become real. and thats when you're left with your soulmate and your best friends people who you are real with and are real with you and you mesh.

    it sucks getting over anyone we've fallen for. and can take years, but that's because we can't control our heart even though we are smart enough to try