Is he only want me for sex?

Hi I'm Asian girl and my English is terrible but I really wanna ask u guys

We first met about a month ago, at the club
We started texting a week ago
And he told me that he was preparing an exam for being judge
last week we had date after dating he came to my house
I was virgin and I really wanted to keep this for my future true love so I blow him
And we had second date this week, he said to me he want to keep meeting me
We ate dinner and went pub
After dating he came to my house again and we had sex
But now he doesn't text me at all and not even calling me
My friends say all of his behavior were only for sex
I'm so confused because I can't figure out what his real mind
should I stop this kind of relationship or keep going?


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  • Congratulations you for used for sex...

    Now you are not even a virgin and you are now used and dirty h**
    No keeping yourself for your future loved one now..


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  • You never told him that you wanted a relationship? You Just gave him a blow job without committing with you? So. You not saying anything made him just go to you for sex. Since he got sex off you, his gone too look for another person to have sex with.

    • I asked him what you want to do with me, don't you have mind to have relationship with me?
      And he said he want, but he have to study so he thougnt having relationship would be selfish

    • He doesn't want. If he wants to focus on his studies then that means he doesn't want. Maybe he didn't want to tell you what he truly meant because you might get upset

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  • I think he assumed it was just for sex because of your actions, thinking you can keep a man or have to please him sexually, there is nothing wrong with waiting.

    • I don't know whats worng in my action

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    • thanks I think I should end up this stupid shit things

    • Yes I would before it goes too far. Be true to yourself and take things slow.

  • He might of thought you were bad in bed or was just looking for sex. Perhaps tell him it was your first time or that your inexperienced and am still interested in meeting him again.

    • He knew that it was my first time
      should i quit this relationship and find other guy?
      U think can I make him love me? Because I like him so I can't end up easily

  • Yes, he only wanted you for sex.

  • Maybe it was just for sex ,, but it is your decision wether or not to have sex with other guys...


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