Girls, How to accept the condition?

I am really very hairy guy and it hurts me a lot. It affects my self esteem and self worth in terms of women, relationships and sex with women. I feel am not worth any woman , they are so hairless naturally and many men are least hairy naturally and women obviously like those less hairy men.
Obviously who wants a furry beast or a shaver cactus male body.

NO one willing to answer and help? whoa


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  • I feel ya! I have excessive body hair in my places and it has always bothered me. I even resorted to shaving my arms for awhile. I have very prickly hair 'downstairs' and I was certain no guy would ever want to touch me. But eventually one guy stuck his hands down my pants and he didn't even notice. BI came to terms with it when I realized it didn't matter! All this physical stuff doesn't count for crap. Anyone worthy of your time will not care. As cliche as it is, it's true. You are most certainly worthy of any woman. Any girl who rejects your for something like that is not worthy of YOU.

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    • I fuckin hate women. They don't talk to me or have sex to me ever. Weirdo. I wish I was able to fuck every woman

    • I think I know why they won't have sex with you now... And trust me, it is not your appearance. Try having a bit more respect towards us. Anyway, I am afraid I have no further help for you. Best of luck.

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  • Well you can shave mate!

    • No I am sure I would take you to wax all that hair off.

    • Wil you wax my whole body yourself? And kiss as a reward?