Why do girls go against what they say they want?

In the past before being as good looking and attractive as i am today i treated girls really nice and been nothing but respectful, i even fell for this girl once who seemed to like me ( we dated for a couple month ) only for her to start something with a guy who was the literally defitniton of asshole, i changed that day and stopped caring about her or girls, i made huge efforts to look, hot, feel hot, and smell hot and what do you know, i get looks, stares and even numbers these days doing nothing, its quite fun tbh, even that girl admitted to having something for me after a while ( she has a boyfriend by the way ) .

My question is, girls always say i want a guy who is, nice, caring, peaceful, understands me, and treats me like a princess, but... in the real world treating her like a princess doesn't get the job done... dont be an asshole , that never works but not caring, giving attention or giving signs of attraction have done more good than any "nice" moves have, iam tall, work out and look tough but iam naturally nice, smart, funny and sweet, however i can't show girls all this at once or some ever... i play the "i couldnt care less card" and it works... so my question is : nothing that girls say they want actually works, so why should i listen to any take or answer on this site regarding pleasing girls? (outside the bedroom of course)


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  • 1. attraction is important. I dont care how nice and sweet a guy is, if i dont have any attraction for him i am not going to go out with him. that doesn't mean that all hot guys have free reign to disrespect me -- but i have to be attracted for you to even pass go

    2. insecure girls tend to have low self esteem so they may not think they deserve a guy to treat them with respect. or they are too scared to demand respect and too scared to walk away from a guy who does treat them bad. boss bitches dont care how fine you are, once you openly treat them like an asshole they are going to leave you alone right then and there

    3. keep in mind a lot of players are very nice and sweet to girls FACES, but only assholes behind girls backs. you can't really fault a girl for that because she may not know the guy is an asshole and she can't control him being two faced and fake. now you might judge her and say she's stupid and should know that the guy is an asshole, but unless you want women to become "feminazis" and just assume the worst from men and assume that you are all automatically assholes regardless of your actual intentions, you may wanna be careful with that line of thinking

  • Once a girl meets a good looking, fit, cute guy who gives her just a little bit of attention and who's very nice to her in the beginning, she's already hooked. This guy could've been her dream guy for just one day and then the very next day he could be an asshole, it won't matter she's still gonna be hooked to him and hold onto that one day that he showed his gentlemen" side.

    In other words, both genders are very superficial. Looks matter. The difference is that girls can change their minds (if a not so good looking guy wins her with his personality), but guys don't their minds (once girl is not attractive to them, no matter what she does he won't magically become attracted to her, unless she changes her looks).

    • Sure we are all attracted to hot people thats kinda obvious, but girls dont practice what they preach... guys like hot girls, but if she's a slut we won't stick along, as for girls i can honestly say they have no idea what they want, i did some things to push girls away only for them to become closer to me and iam like "wtf?"

    • Yeah that's a curse of being a girl lol. We get attached and it's hard to let go, we don't mind being treated like crap because we hope/believe that we can change a guy. It's not that we don't know what we want, we DO. We want what we can't have.

    • I found that to get girls you must get them attached to you once it happens it will hard for them to admit that you're doing anything wrong, its like i am always right.

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  • Girls don't want a gentleman and a nice guy. They just say they do, so that they dont look like sluts

    • Yeah i did notice that a while ago, they want to play it safe but thats not exactly what they look for in a guy, i once tried to get with a girl who kept chatting with me for a month and we exchanged so many details... i know everything about her then few days after out last conversation someone i know told me she's getting engaged... she's nice, very very shy and reserved and iam like... wtf?

    • Yeah, as expected. Just be an asshole, don't be interested in any of her bullshit. Just look for a way to fuck them and then leave them. Thats what really turns them on, thats whats gonna make them crazy about you. As long as you are a nice guy, everybody is gonna step on you and nobody is gonna respect you