Is this girl ignoring me or just super busy?

We been on two dates and both were perfect and she agreed to third date, even asking questions about it! Saying she felt comfortable with me and was open to me touching her!

I haven't heard back from her in 10 days but she has not read my Facebook messages!
Although atm she is moving into a new flat, at uni 2 days a week in Essex, at work 2 days a week in London, being creating a memorial for her nan, wallpapering her old house, going gym and had 2 assignments to do!

On the date she said keeping trying to contact her as she is not ignoring me and her friends complain a lot about not hearing back from her!

I have tried calling, fb messages multiple times but not heard back but she did this before and came on 2nd date!

She has posted on facebook a few times and been online but has not read my messages yet as theirs not tick just an arrow!

So is she ignoring me? or is she super busy?

Furthermore she has ADHD, OCD and is anameic and is forgetful !

I am confused as she is the sort of girl that values honesty and would tell me if she's not interested!

What do I do as She said keep messaging her but I don't want to look needy as before this we just message back and forth?


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  • I think she is probably ignoring you. She is purposefully not reading your messages.


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  • Date was not perfect and you have pushed too hard. Chill

    • so wait for her to respond?

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    • but she told me to keep contacting her?

    • Don't