"Theres only 1 thing I've ever wanted from you-- you. But you'll never give me that." (What is this supposed to mean)?

So i have this strange albeit not at all original relationship with my ex who I've been on and off with for years, and always seem to bein the verge of getting back bk together with , unless of course its one of those times when we are already bk together.

Right now weve been on the verge , and the sexual tension is palatable as its gone on for months which is super long for us. Any way he asked me what i wanted (as in from him, with us etc). I said, " the only thing I've ever wanted from you is you. But you'll. never give me that".

He wanted me to explain b/c he said he was "lost" and didn't get what i meant. I assumed that was bull ans he was just playing dumb for some reason. isn't that pretty to the point? Hoa would you interpret that?


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  • It actually sounds kinda vague and non descriptive. I know what you mean but I can totally see a guy being confused. Like "what do you mean me? I'm right here.." If you mean you want to get back together and have him be your boyfriend, then say exactly that.


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  • That you want him to be real with you instead of putting up a facade. Basically be himself with you.
    Or that you just want him to be by your side instead of going on and off.

  • he's so dramatic, tell him to cut the bullshit and be straight with u

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