Girl is busy for the next while?

I met a girl at a club, we made out, have been exchanging texting a few times, i suggest a date, she says she won't be back in the area for until 12th May ( we are students who live in the same area, but are going on break for summer) i said thats fine, and then said its not a complete no but she's busy for a while...

I don't want to extend myself this early in the interaction but should I suggest a date when she is back? Alternatively I could travel to her hometown and do it? However I dont want to seem too keen at this early stage.


  • Wait until she is back in the area
  • Meet her in her hometown sooner for a date
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  • Sometimes when you're busy you're busy. I would say wait until you're both fee, especially if it's towards the end it the year I'm sure she'll also be busy with finals and moving out etc.

  • Wait. If you don't hear anything from her, don't wait around for her anymore. I don't think she's interested to be honest. But only time will tell


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