Girls, have any of you dated an immature guy?

In my case, I realize how immature he can be but I still have feelings. Is this wrong of me to continue to like someone who can be quite immature or should it not matter?


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  • Immature is too vague,
    If 25 years old and has no college no job playing video games all day, I'd say stay the fuck out of it.

    • In my case I'm referring to having a high school mentality in college, being selfish and lazy in bed, playing mind games, and having bad communication skills.

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    • We aren't dating
      Another one is he seems to be jealous/territorial of me
      Need I remind you we aren't even dating

    • Um.. Talk to him maybe ask him to change his ways?

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  • Yes, for 4 years. He had no college, no job and was playing video games all day. His point of view wasn't immature though, but just his lifestyle and the fact that he was lazy as fuck to do something with his life. He was also very immature at relationships, I was his first serious relationship. But never the less, I loved him. He was very goofy and funny, he would always make smile. In the end, his immaturity broke us apart. We came to the point where we will either get married/live together or break up... and we broke up. Because he wasn't ready to throw away his freedom. He was aware that he is immature and that he has to grow up, so he went back to collage and didn't want me anymore. He was looking forward to collage life, parties and girls. In my opinion, I would never do this again. No matter how much I like a guy, if he has no job/no collage or if he never had a serious relationship (aka inexperienced with women), I stay the hell away!

    • I wish it was that easy to just drop my feelings tbh. Unlike your guy he is in college though but he doesn't seem to have a job (I think his family has money). In my case he just has a high school mentality, appears to be jealous/territorial of me even though we aren't even dating, bad at texting/calling back, and plays mind games with me. He is also very selfish and lazy in bed but that might be a different story.

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  • immature to wich point! and if you like him yea why not!

    • To the point where he has a high school mentality, is selfish and lazy in bed, plays games, and is bad at communication (texting/calling back).

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    • Lol he's not my boyfriend

    • lol then maybe he plays hard to get!

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  • It's not 'wrong'; it's just probably going to become extremely frustrating at some point in time. People advising you not to date that person have probably experienced this frustration, and giving you the advice because they know better.

    But then again, it's up to you to see how much you're willing to put up with.

    • It is frustrating and I am not even dating him. I don't know why I like him so much when I get those feelings of frustration.

    • No one is ever entirely good or bad; everyone has qualities (which in your case is 'the reason you like him'), AND faults (here, the immaturity). The key in your choice making is to figure out which side wins over the other.

  • It's not wrong of you, it's totally your own right to date whoever you want. If you can accept his immaturity, then go for it.

    • That's the thing I don't know if I can. When I am reminded of his immaturity I am super turned off but in the end I still have feelings for him so it's complicated. We aren't dating anyway so I don't expect anything.

    • Okay, read a comment below you left of what you mean by immature.. He's not worth your time. Even if you have feelings for him, they will fade over time. Unless you have a plan to talk to him and he plans to improve this isn't worth it.

    • I hope you right.

  • Immature in what way?

    • In my case:
      Selfish/lazy in bed
      Plays mind games/bad at texting/calling
      Has a high school mentality
      Appears to be jealous/territorial of me even though we aren't dating

      That way

    • Immature in a way where his not sorting out his future? Um I've been with someone who's made bad choices in their life without listening to my advice, I think it was hard to see they weren't on the right path but I can't really control how they are. If they want to do better for themselves they would seek it out.

      It's not wrong to still have feelings for him, but you'd know it won't work out in the future if things haven't changed.

    • Well no I wouldn't say he isn't sorting out his future.

  • 90% of guys under the age of 25 tend to be immature

  • Not wrong.. just be surprised if you get let down on certain concerns of yours

    • That's the thing, I definitely have been let down and we aren't even dating. I wish these feelings would disappear.

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