Young women, if a guy balds early (at 18 and shaves bald now) will he have to wait a long time to date if he has high standards? Like late 20's?

Self explanatory, I do shave what's left told regularly that I rock it however I've still gotten rejected a lot and I'm sure hair plays a factor, as I said I have high standards, if she's not slender and attractive in the face I wouldn't date her so looks do matter I just worry a bald guy even who pulls it off well will have to wait years to date when women get old and bald is more acceptable or do you think it's not as much a problem as I worry about? no feel good answers go based on what you see and think yourselves girls.

  • Girls over 26 (just want young girls for this feel free to comment) and guys
    7% (1)
  • Bald is enough a turn off to most young women that combined with your standards you might have to wait several years to date yes
    7% (1)
  • bald is NOT that big a deal even to young women, sure some may not be into it but even with high standards you can still be in the dating scene and successful even this young
    36% (5)
  • Bald is a massive turn off for most young women you'll risk having to wait until 30's to date
    14% (2)
  • Bald shaved head and high standards? Good luck (I'll still go for it and never settle anyway 😊)
    36% (5)
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This is the first question I've posted, I created this account specifically for this, so don't accuse me of posting a lot, and don't come just to slander or vote inaccurately thinking I'm trolling I just want to know the opinion.
Well even so I still hold my standards high, when its your biggest goal you don't accept second best.


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  • You think women in their 30s would date a bald guy? lmao. Dream on.

    • Well I know a woman who's like 24 who's gorgeous and married to a guy who's 26 and shaved bald and it sure as he'll isn't his money so yeah, haha you're just trolling here then, you don't like bald I take it? Shane you're under the illusion hair makes a man. Plenty have told me I rock bald so I won't be concerned ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • Also where do I compare myself to others? With my standards? Why should I lower my standards? I'm attracted to what I find attractive period.

    • You're so fucking hopeless...

      "Also where do I compare myself to others?"
      "Well I know a woman who's like 24 who's gorgeous and married to a guy who's 26 and shaved bald and it sure as he'll isn't his money so yeah (...)"
      "Like I said the other half guy in his20's I know married a gorgeous girl and it's not because of his money and I pull it off just as well as him".

      Have you gotten that caught up in your defensive babbling, that your reading comprehension went off?
      Or just short-term memory LOSS to top it all? LMAO.
      End of.

  • I prefer a guy with self confidence that doesn't feel the need to ask this stupid question on here day in and day out...

  • Baldy back at it again!

    • Yup. Triller is too!

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    • Well then why keep asking baldy? If your satisfied with past opinions and believe ypu can get girls why ask every day?

    • Read my MyTake, or grow human compassion and you may understand, until then take your bigotry elsewhere.

      You say I have problems yet you're the one who can't just scroll on when you see a question yup sure, I got the problem.

      Also if you read a hell of a lot of girls disagree with you, so clearly I'll get my attractive girl soon. So stop projecting your opinion on to all girls. Many think I'm far more than a 4, even attractive ones. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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