Should I text her or let her go?

I used to hang out with this girl. I don't know if you could really call us friends, but we knew each other for a semester in school and we hung out one on one and we texted each other a lot. I was thinking about her recently as it has been several months since I last saw and talked to her.

I'm wondering whether I should text her to keep in touch or just let her go and continue on with life, resigning to the fact that we'll just never see each other again and that's how life is. I'm a little hesitant to text her because she seemed to go cold at the end in terms of hanging out.

Again, it's been several months, so it can go either both ways: nothing to lose or it's been so long that I might as well continue moving on.


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  • If you really like talking to her you should definitely text her or call her. What is the worst that can happen? But what if she misses talking to you and hanging out with you? And you never know what the future may hold. Do you really like her and want to continue the friendship that you had?

    • If she misses talking and hanging out, wouldn't she have texted me by now?

    • Sometimes girls wait for guys to a move. Plus if you are thinking about her that much then you must have had a pretty good friendship... I know that in the last 3 months my phone got destroyed and I lost about 20 peoples phone numbers... maybe that happened to her... if you text her or call her and she doesn't want to talk to you then you have your answer and that is the worst thing that could happen...Most of the time girls are receptive to being reconnected with. Trust me...

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  • Aw. Sometimes work and other things can pile up, and texting just.. well y'know when you get a text. And you really cba to text back.

    That happens sometimes as well.

    I think it's worth just texting to say hi, and having a convo.

    If she doesn't bother making any convo back, Maybe just leave it.

    Sometimes friendships just fade out.

    you've got nothing to lose if you give it another try to keep in touch?

    • What bothers me is that this wasn't really a "fade", though. It was more like "stopped suddenly". There was no talking less and less until we didn't talk anymore. It was just....stopped.

  • You should text her or call her, I had a guy friend whom I had a crush on we would talk a lot then we stopped talking. I changed to another school then months later he texted me and told me he missed me... I was really happy about that because I thought he had forgotten about me.

    You should text her just to see what happens, if she doesn't respond you should move on.

    Good Luck!

    • 2 things, though.

      Why didn't you text him before that?

      Did anything come out of it?

    • I didn't text him because I wanted to get over him, because I thought he didn't think or remember me! Believe me I wanted to but I am not sure how he feels about me... even now after months of texting and talking.

      Well we are still texting and we are going out this weekend!

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