Is she interested in me? or just looking for some attention?

I know this girl from university and we are in the same faculty. I formally met her in a pool party of a mutual friend. We get drank, danced, had fun and than she got shitfaced end of the night. Me and somefriends helped her and drop her to home.. all that jazz. We didint have any long conversation at that party. I still dont know about her much but she mentioned that she had boyfriend. (she was very flirty at that night but i think it was because of the alcohol). She really got my attention that night. Next day at school she sit next to me and mentioned about her boyfriend's "jealousy message" about lastnight and talked about "her boyfriend doesn't make much time for her" then afterawhile she put her head to my shoulder. (since she was clear about that she has a boyfriend, I ignored that move). Nevermind, till then we still didint have any long conversations. ( becuase when its come to talking she acts cold). I think she likes to keep me around but she only talks when she wants to and keep it short then leaves. Last day she didn't even respond when i say "hi" to her face, she just smiled and kept walking. (she is smart and confident not shy). To sum up, she sometimes acts hot (be touchy and friendly) and usually cold. I looked up on social media and she doesn't have a single photo with her boyfriend. What do you think? Is she really interested or she just feels lonely and looking for attention?
Is she interested in me? or just looking for some attention?
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