Why is he distant?

I am not clingy at all land I back off when the guy im interested in seems uninterested. This guy said how much he likes me and exhibited all the signs of liking me by words and actions

We went from talking all the time and dying to see each other next to him barely texting me and we haven't seen each other in a week... all three dates were basically the same and went really well, 2 of which' he initiated first. We talk like once a day for 3 seconds and i know he's busy with school and work and maybe it'll be different for us once we are both done with school.

If he is so "busy" why is he on social media in his free moments of time and not texting me or initiating a convo, because he likes me sooo much as he said?


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  • You wore out your honeymoon phase. thats about the best explanation that there is.

    • i guess you are right... why does it always fade... i wonder

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    • imma stick to being single then lolol

    • hey, been there since 2012... just been switching sex partners... lucky you, you are still young... you have time. my whole fam is looking to see when i will be married...

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  • He simply doesn't feel the need to spam your inbox and he respects you and loves you.


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