My boyfriend is very very angry from me and even block me from social media please help?

My boyfriend is egyptian.. we always have ups and down but this time is too much.. one of his Egyptian friend has seen me outside a lot. He dosnt know me or that I am his friend girlfriend but I know he have crush on me as he come after me all time.. so my friend said me to add him in facebook cus nowadays i am not getting too much attention from my boyfriend.. in this way he will be jealous and will try to make healthy relationship. . so I did add his friend on fb.. we didn't chat much just helo hi.. cus I was busy that time.. but he was happy to know i am that girl.. but when I message him 2nd time (I guess he was with my boyfriend that time) .. so my boyfriend call me and started to shout at me.. that I speak to other guys and I am a bad girl and he was saying this is last time he call me.. he will forget me from his life and all and said me go enjoy bye. . After I message him in what s app too much he block me from alllll and if I call him he switch off his phone.. his friend message me but I said him to nit speak to me never and he was asking why what I did? I am sure he don t know about our relationship
So that s the problem. How I make my boyfriend anger finish please give advice I know I did mistake I apologise so much but he is not listening and ignoring.. we can't meet cus he is in work all day
I just can't stop crying I'm so stress ok I did mistake but he is sooo angry and he said in phone he will forget me and leave me. . I love him too much

I try calling him many times but he cancel the calls


What Guys Said 2

  • Better romance the hell out of him if you want him back.
    You played with fire and you got burned, I hope you learned your lesson.

    • I admit my mistake please advice me something how can i make it better.. do u think if I leave him for 1 or 2 weeks his anger will cool down a little?

    • Yes that may help

  • First, learn English. Second, you intentionally talked to his friend to get him jealous (you listened to your "friends"). Thirdly, you fucked up. Simply put, you set yourself up. Good day

    • Not everyone is perfect in English.. English comes in my 4 language at least I try anyway..

What Girls Said 1

  • "so my friend said me to add him in facebook cus nowadays i am not getting too much attention from my boyfriend."

    sweetheart, that was a wrong move.
    You never ever use that as an excuse to gain attention from your partner/ or other guys.
    and it was also wrong to use someone like that.

    I guess let him cool down for a day or two since he seems very angry.
    Then try apologizing again.

    • I admit my mistake.. how can i make it better should i leave him for 1 or 2 week and try to talk him? I really didn't chatted anything much with his friend .. even his friend told me I just ask him *do u know this person* and he say *ya* that's it.. (his friend thinks we are friends only )
      Do u think after 1 or 2 week anger can cool down

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