I have developed feelings for my best friend. How do I go about dealing with them?

I've been friends with this girl for years, but around a year ago we became very close. It's been purely platonic from her end. I had feelings every once in a while for her, but for the past few months I didn't really have feelings for her.

We've been talking a lot more recently, generally until pretty late. She's given a few indicators that she has feelings for me, and I agreed to go to prom, but not necessarily with her. That being said, she wants me to prompose to her. She's made that much clear.

Two days ago, we were hanging out with some friends at a restaurant. The other two bailed, leaving just the two of us. We had a really good talk, and it was generally pretty pleasant. We went back to her place later to play some Mario Party. She and I took the couch together, and she proceeded to lean on me literally the entire time. Shoulders touching side-to-side, her leg over mine. We went to go drop them off when one of my friends decided to take a phone call. He left us for an hour, so she and I hopped into the back of the car. She put her legs on mine first so we were both lying down, but then later we ended up just sitting next to each other, my arms over her shoulder, her head leaning on my shoulder, my head on hers. We sat like that for a while. When I got home we ended up texting for an hour and a half. We never used to do stuff like this before. I should mention now that my appearance is significantly better now than in the past, which may have changed her perspective.

We hung out again yesterday to study at the library, then went to dinner with my friend and another girl. At dinner, she sat next to me, knees touching. She ended up hanging with the other dude for a while because he was having a bit of a crisis. Apparently she asked him whether or not I liked her, and then proceeded to ask me this morning when I started liking her, despite me never voicing my feelings directly to her. Still wants me to prompose to her. I don't know what to do. Do I wait?
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I realize this is a bit juvenile, but I'm not really in a position where I can just lie it all on the line. I care very much about this girl as a friend as well, and throwing that all away would suck for both of us. I've been increasingly receptive to her touching and increasingly flirty with her, and it's gotten me farther, but we only have so much time until we move away for college. She technically has a prom date already, but she told him that she won't go with him if I decided to go so?
I have developed feelings for my best friend. How do I go about dealing with them?
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