Do I love him or like him?

I met him on Valentine's day when I was 12 and as soon as I saw him I liked him. He had a girlfriend and they broke up and he got a few more girlfriends, and my heart kept on breaking and I would cry (im not a very sensitive person) We texted all the time and we video called and called each other all the time. And we always hung out. The next year He asked me out after my birthday so I was 14. So we started dating, and we started saying "I love you" and I feel like I truly meant it. I told him all of my secrets and he accepted me for who I was. We broke up right before I moved 4 hours away. That was 8 months ago. I am now 15 and I can't stop thinking about him, he says he still likes me and I think I love him, but people say im too young to love someone. I couldn't see myself with anyone other then him, and whenever I try to get over him and try to like someone else it doesn't work.
Do I love him or like him?
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