Do you like guys who will make the first move and be directly flirty or guys who are confident but reserved in nature?

I'm not shy by any means and im social in terms of regular day to day conversation with men or women but with girls I like If they talk to me first I'll keep conversation going and be very friendly but I'm not the type that will ask if your single, if can have your number, or ask to hang out and set a date up. I let it happen and any hookup or relationship i have had started with the girls initiating. After the first time she initiates I was comfortable making moves but if they don't make the first move i never will.

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  • Man idkkk!!
    Its a mix. I like that you can approach a girl more often if she breaks the ice, but the bad thing is is that I am the same way haha so what if we are both waiting for each other to break the ice LOL.
    Anyway, I think it's so cool how you describe yourself as a gentlemen and please don't change that!! There are women looking for a guy like you.
    But how would I know he wants me to break the ice with him if he's so reserved it's all just confusing.

    • Well I just don't like approaching women first cause my luck is they have a boyfriend or mlck me later. I grew up with 2 sisters one who is almost 27 and one in college so I have been around women my whole life so hearing my sister's talk about dudes approaching them and saying these guys didn't have a chance and I dknt want to be that dude that two sisters joke about.

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    • But I like guys who'll make the first move but who are confident and reserved it takes off a lot of pressure.

    • Hey thanks 😀😀

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  • i prefer to take it slow, hang to then when im ready to take it further ask him out, i find it so attractive when the guy is patient and des not try to control the situation, but was till im ready. very attractive. your technique is ideal to me:)

    and i dont need to always make a move its just the first is important to me because it helps me feel comfortable and in control of my situation and trust in him.

    • i won't reject a guy for making the first move, as long as he isn't disrespectful, and as long as i dont have the impression he'd reject me for making the first move, i just like it that much more when i do.

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    • i think it often works to well for guys to have older sisters. most guys i know with older sisters have much more mature outlook. :)

    • I hope your right my buddy has 3 brothers and he awlays says if a girl has a nice body oris sexy out loud and I think it sometimes it no doubt but he cat calls and I awlays tell him that's not ok but he has gotten layed more than I have so I wonder if I should change but I can't my valuse are engrained in me to.

  • I am not sure! lol guys are guys!

  • In theory id fall for both

    The problem with the later guy is that i would've never known how he felt about me, and I would've forced myself to move on

    • I just need some clarification and once the ice is broken I'll be glad to initiate.

  • Guys who are confident but reserved in nature. The last guy I liked was like that and man his presence even did things to me.

    • Lol that's kinda funny cause I'm the type of person with that reserved confidence which I thought that was good until i went to the bar to get a few drinks after work and these two college aged girl were talking about me behind my back and I overheard them say " its so creppy that he can just sit there and not talk to anyone its almost scary". I laughed to myself and didn't get understand why exactly.

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