Help with friend?

for the love of god
Its like, the fifth time i ask this, and very few awnsers came up.
I was so lazy i just copy/pasted the third time on my fourth try, and it got deleted.
No idea how to feature a question.

Anyways, there is girl in school who i've been friends with for more than a year now (not friendzoned, legit friends). In a few months i will be moving out of the country and we probably won't be seeing each other again for a very long time.
I am not in love with her (thank goodness, it never turns out well when i do) but i admire her a lot. She is the kind of girl who is well above average in terms of mentality, inteligence, etc. Lets just say i have a thing for her.

The problem is that transitioning from friends to something else is usualy very complicated. I have no idea what to do. In fact, i never know what to do, which is actualy the main reason i screw up with women so much. Not knowing what to do, becoming more nervous every day when talking to her, wondering where she is or what she is doing more and more frequently, it all brings me down so much every single time. Sometimes i wonder if its really worth the hassle.

But whatever. What would you do? Did you have any instances where you dated a friend and it all went well? Tell me everything you can, haha.


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  • Keep it friendly dude. You know you're going to be moving out of the country soon and won't be able to see her for a long long time, why make it harder on yourself and her?
    If you're friends, keep it that way. When you come back, then consider your options. For now, I wouldn't go opening those doors.

  • Uhhhh your moving and you don't like her so you guys should find some way to stay in contact so you'll stay good friends unless you have mixed feelings about her and might like her if you do I'm not gonna lie you probably lost her. If you decide to co fess now that your movingly or whatever it won't change me anything bc It won't last. lets say u guys start dating when you move online relationships don't last over time that bond weakens