Girls, what exactly do you look for in a guy you wish to date?

i have no experience when it comes to dating, and as I have said before I'm a college sophomore. I just want to know if I should just completely give up on dating if someone like me isn't what generally a woman looks for in some they think they would be willing to date.
so what do you usually look for?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Reliability & consistency
    Easy to talk to
    Listens to what I have to say
    Respects my views
    Loyal ( that's a given)
    Doesn't look down on or talk down to people less fortunate than himself
    Sense of humour
    Makes an effort to be part of my life
    Wants to spend time in getting to know who I am as a person


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  • I am a very shallow hideous looking person. I like good looking men even though I am hideous looking.

    I like boundary respecters. For example if I don't like communicating via text.. I would tell a guy I would prefer all communications to be voice. If he says OK and calls instead of texts then he's a keeper. If he ignores me and only texts then I just assume he has noticed how hideous I am.

    Ergo... women look for men who don't notice how hideous they are.