How do I tell him I like him?

*Note: I am a sophomore in highschool.
I'm interested in someone. And I see him every day. We talk like casual friends and he confides in me sometimes. He sits next to me in World Geography so that's where I tend to see him most. I have his number but he lost his phone so that gives me no realistic way to speak to him outside of school.
In thinking about how to let him know that I like him and want to hang out, I've encountered a few issues.
1) His really close (And Vexatious, might I add) friend sits right behind me so I wouldn't be able to verbalize any hanging out unless his friend wasn't there at the risk of his friend bothering me and telling others.
2) If I write it in a note and he somehow manages to keep it, he will have it in writing. He could show his other friends and humiliate me. Not saying that I lack trust in him, but I've been through that before.
3) Approaching him outside of class would be extremely risky, given that he hangs out with all his other friends that I fear. I don't want to be humiliated.

That brings me to what I need to know.

How should I approach him, with what method and what wording should I use when I do decide to approach him?


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  • I'm a sophomore as well and if you feel like it's better to tell him in person than I say go for it! You could say something along the lines "hey what are you doing this weekend?" or "we should def hang if ur up for that" those are the safe ways to get to know him and to show interest. Personally I think you should tell him you like him in private and if he agrees to hang with you that's a good sign!

    • It's good to know that someone understands my viewpoint. The thing is I also wouldn't know how to get him in private. The phone thing is a really big setback. I wish it wasn't but I don't know how else I would contact him on the weekend. It would be really awkward to talk to him over his mom's phone.

    • yes, the phone thing is a very big setback but if you are willing to ask him to hang over the weekend in person I think you should. Maybe invite a couple other people close to him so you can contact them and make sure they can come (and he can come), I know you said you didn't want to do it in front of his friends, but friends are a big help when making this not awkward at hangouts. So I recommend having them come too just for support for him. and then trying to get him alone

    • That could be good. How do I know which friends aren't going to crucify me for liking their friend? I'm sure you know what I mean. (Act like they're going to be helpful, then just gossip about me or act like they will help then have everyone make fun of me)

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  • Anonymous note in his backpack or locker? "Meet me here, at this time" to me that would be exciting if I had that note in my locker 😜 then explain why you wanted to meet him and why alone

    • Also if you ever get the wide open chance to tell him and you're scared to and are about to flake, think to yourself, "will I regret not telling him later?" if you will regret it, then ask!!!

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  • Just keep being flirty whit him Hun, eventually he'll get the picture, if not then I would ask him straight, rejection can be hard but at least your know, u don't want to be that what if question 😉

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