This guy asked me to come to his hotel, I replied and he never texted back? What did I do?

So I matched with this guy that's in town for his work. I picked him up from his hotel because he didn't rent a car and we hung out. Ate some food and talked. We laughed and had a nice time. Drunk from the same cup and are from same spoon when trying. each other's food. He talked about wanting to go to a show and stuff/inviting me places. However, the whole time he kept talking about girls he had sex with. Or their boob sizes. What other girls he matched with on tinder. Me being chill about it just talked about it with him. Then he's like whatever I'm just looking for people on here I hang out with. anyways, he had a work meeting but wanted to continue hanging out with me. He dropped him back off. He texted me 30 minutes later saying it's boring and he's going to leave. I asked him what he's going to do. He said he might practice pool in his hotel and asked if I wanted to play. I said I suck at it but I guess. He didn't reply. I don't know why it put my self esteem down. He kept talking about all these girls he had sex with and then nothing about me. I respect that but it made me feel weird to hear a guy I don't know talk about that. He's cool to hang out with , but I have a feeling I won't hear from him. Should I just delete his number?


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  • To be very honest with you, get rid of him. I had acquaintances who were just like him and it's bad. You would be better off , deleting his number. He would just be a pain in the ass.
    So yeah. You deserve better :))

    Just want to ask you, on a scale of 1- 10 , how Sexy is the actor ' Sendhil Ramamurthy ' ?


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