Girls, Why doesn't women want to date me and let me be their boyfriend?

let me explain something this whole thing of judging a person by the way you are is getting out of hand and it needs to stop I know some men have problems I do but when your judging a man by the way he does and says things is too much of a double standard in my opinion power alone only strips that of what you already have putting in effort gets you more than what you can handle cause the abundance itself is everlasting I know cause I've lived and learned that the hard way and why people have this thought that you can get everything free of gratuitous is sheer stupidity in this life you have to work for everything that you want it doesn't come on a silver platter and that mind frame is negative thinking and it's only going to make you hit rock bottom you know everybody is trying to the best they can I know for my situation that I ain't got nothing to work with and I've got anger issues cause of my ADHD.Girls, Why doesn't women want to date me and let me be their boyfriend?
In case no one knows what ADHD is
but the thing is I'm trying to work out my problems so that the girlfriend I get with can have a better outcome in life but the one thing I need is to have her to put in the effort in trying to help out the relationship that we have cause it's not easy for me to be in a lot of pressure cause it puts me in a bad mood I know it's not easy trying to deal with a person that has ADHD but put yourself in my shoes about how I feel about it... It frustrates me just as much as it does anybody else so instead of disregarding me for who i am and what I do start having a little more compassion for me alright that's all i ask.

I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong


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  • I don't think you are doing anything wrong. people just don't put that much time in to a relationship these days. hang in there she will be with you soon keep your chin up.

  • I think it's reasonable to judge someone on what they say and do. I'm not sure how else we r supposed to judge people. It's only a double standard if ur not ok with people doing it back. I don't mind if people judge me on my actions only irrelevant stuff like what I look like. I used to go out with a guy with ADHD so clearly some girls r willing to. I'm not sure what the whole everlasting abundance thing is about cos that sounded a bit nuts.