How should I bring up sex?

im a teen and I'm fully equipped with condoms don't worry lol but my girlfriend keeps hinting at having sex with me but plays it off as a joke then when u bring it up she says she's not kidding she's serious. If she does want to have sex with me and she's to shy about it what should I do? We're both begins and I'm shy to lmfao HELP MEEEEE


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  • If you can't talk about it seriously without one or both of you shying away from the subject or saying "I was only joking" then no way are you ready to be doing it.

    Before you make any decisions to have Sex not only do you need to be able to talk about wether it is what both parties want without it being awkward you will have to talk about contraception in a serious manner too and from your description of how conversations have gone so far about sex I'm not sure those topics of discussions could be had in a mature way yet and without those discussions being seriously thought and talked about sex is definitely not something you should be doing and rushing into or you will be at risk of unwanted babies or STIs


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  • The hardest lesson i ever learnt in my teens -
    IF you dont give a dick to your girl , she will give u a kick.
    So remember bro, do it as soon as she can, she is hinting it that means she is in heat, and if u dont cool her off.. she is gonna find some random guy and fuck him.
    Dont waste time.

    • Okay then but. How should I bring it up?

    • What do u mean how should u bring it up? you're the man, its your job to create an opportunity for sex.
      Just ask her " hey babe, why dont you come to my place and lets watch some movie together?"
      She will understand u want to have sex, if she is interested she will say yes or if she says no... then u just walk away and just tell her "hey if you change your mind let me know" and then u walk away from her

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  • Start making out with her and then touch her bum or rub her boobs and kiss her neck. Make sure to have condoms in your wallet or coat, don't sit on the condoms. If you get a blowjob don't use a condom unless your scared she has an std it feels way better. You always last longer if you go two rounds, I find I'm not as aroused the 2nd time that day though

  • You are an old teen, wow 21 lol, now besides that the next time she brings it up tell her, "come on over here them and give some love" she should judging by what you say above come on over and then from there you start making out with her, take your shirt off and then from there for every piece of clothing you remove take a piece off of her, if she backs off of you taking anything off of her, then stop because she is uncomfortable but again judging by what you state she wants to do it, and finally before you know it you both will be without clothes on passionately kissing and then you do the dirty deed, do not forget foreplay oh and finally for humanity, please where a condom and know how to put it on, no it does not go on your big head, it goes on your little one lol, good luck.