What are flirty and creative ways to ask for a guys number and name?

If you're not totally sure he's into you?

im in college and hopefully I'll see him today again (we met last Monday then Wednesday in a seating area of college, but I chickened out) ! And I don't know if he going to ask. But with literally a week left of semester I NEED to ask him or hopefully he'll ask but I doubt it.

Also I'm pretty shy /socially anxiety so I get nervous around guys so I need tips/advice of creative and flirty things to say


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  • So how did you like this class, did you flunk it like I did (funny).
    I'm XYZ... he should introduce himself.
    Nice shirt. want to hang out after this semester?

  • how you ask isn't going to change the result. you're asking for his number, not for him to marry you.

    i can say, the bigger deal you make of it, the more uncomfortable he'll feel giving it to you.

    • just tell yourself now... you're going to ask him the first chance you see him. "hey, what's your number?" the more you ponder it, the more reasons you'll find not to ask.

      i'm a 100% certain he'll give it to you. if any girl asked for my number, i'd give it to her.

    • Really? Cause that's not at all happened

    • you can give me an example of you asking and being denied?

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  • if the semester is ending whats the rush, why not wait till you come back , i mean what time will you have anyhow?