Is it okay to not want to online date in the future?

I'm asking for your opinions because it almost seems like 70% of the world's population uses online dating. I just woke up from a dream about this guy I met online. This is what actually happend in real life, I was doing a language exchange and what put me off at first was that the guy had a picture of a little African girl which I think is weird now because that someone else's kid. The guy spoke Mandarin and I was interested in learning about the culture at the time. When he asked for my age, I told him and he responded with "good"*druling emoji face" this guy was also about 19. And it also seemed that he had a thing for black women but not in a good way.
That still creeps me out today and of course I get the infamous sexual lines from guys that I meet online which is way more then the one I'm friends with in real life. On top of that, in middle school I was sexually harrassed by a guy that I thought was my friend. So I go straight to cutting off when a guy that I am not dating asks for sexual favors or behaves in a perverted way. This has been happening since I've started using technology which is about 11 years old. I know that in a way it's 'normal' online but it shouldn't be and is my exact reason to fear it. Nothing makes me more sick then a guy who demands or thinks that I will act a certain way just because he wants it. It makes me feel trapped. I'm more comfortable with dating guys in real life but the cons I'm trying to bring up are that, they more then likely already date online, some people are so used to dating online that it can come off as weird to do a simple approach, it will take time since their personality isn't just out there on their profile and because of that it will also take time in weeding out all the non compatible ones

Is it okay to not want to online date in the future?
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