Guys, What's a good way to approach this?

So I've recently started seeing an old flame.
We ended last time because he had gotten out of a relationship 6 months before we met and felt like he needed to be single for awhile.
We've started seeing each other again but this time round we haven't spoken about whether or not we are open to a relationship.

My question is do I ask him if he's open to a relationship or is that too much too soon?
or do I just continue seeing him while keeping my options open and see what becomes of it? And if so what happens if my feelings grow for him?

I was to handle this situation appropriately and not come on too strong because that's not what I'm intending at all
Don't ask just see what comes of it
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Ask him what he wants
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Please give advice so I can gauge what to do
Guys, What's a good way to approach this?
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