Older Guy Dilemma! Does he have a crush on me?

So I work at a local restaurant, Im a waitress and he's a bartender. He's 23. The thing is he's on the quieter side, he isn't that outgoing and prefers to talk to people he knows well which is a small group. From when I started working we clicked right away, he's said things like I'm his favourite waitress, and I'm the best part of the weekend. He doesn't show affection to many people yet will always hug me when alone, and sometimes pick me up in the air. The thing is he has a girlfriend but the only things he comments on are her annoying habits and one time he mentioned she asked who I was and he didn't see why she seemed jealous. (Must have seen a message) and if ever his girlfriend posts cute statuses on his timeline he never likes them or comments back, but he will always like my posts regardless of what they are. If ever other bartenders make jokes/ commenting we'd be good together he either says he feels awkward or seems genuinely confused why they'd say that. I can't tell whether he may have feelings for me and not want to acknowledge them? Or whether perhaps I'm just a good friend to him? Opinions?

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What Guys Said 1

  • "The thing is he has a girlfriend..." Void.

    Good luck finding the discipline to move on to a new crush.


What Girls Said 1

  • He could be trying to use or groom you. Just saying. An older guy doesn't usually associate with a teenager.