How can I handle rejection better?

I don't lash out at them, but when I'm alone I feel undesirable and feel really bad. Then when I find another girl I like I have to rebuild the courage to approach again, and if she rejects me then the process starts again.

Right now I'm in the stage where I want to ask her out, but I'm tired of living like this I want to not feel bad after rejection.


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  • its a part of life mate... its really a downer getting rejected. but hey... we are hunters bro, and they are the prey, they don't get a say... You do.
    Gotta pick your battles... i never approach a girl i actually like head on, i plan that out so i don't get rejected. but for someone im just rolling dice with, i don't care.
    Rejection happens, and i know the cycle you are talking about, believe me when i say "at least you have the courage to rebuild the courage"... some guys just don't.

    • I've actually already talked to her before cuz she's in my class but I don't know if it's too soon to ask to hangout. Also I only have on class left before school is over so it's now or never fuck..

    • never know mate... just gotta ask. express your interest.

    • thanks for MH !!!

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  • you keep trying, but while you keep trying, you improve yourself as well, may be in terms of looks, positive thinking, anything really.

    if you don't think there is anything wrong with you that is getting you rejected then keep trying, but if you think there may be something you can do that will up your chances then work on that and keep trying.

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