Girls, Is this girl interested or not?

Ok so on my way home from work there was this incredibly beautiful girl who also catches the same tram as me. At first I was just checking her out abit and it creeped me out how she was just straight up not nervous Like I looked into her eyes and she looked straight at mind and locked and looked me up and down. Then every time she would see me on the tram she would be kind of shocked to see me get on. So I stopped catching the team for a while. And then started and every time I'd walk to the tram stop she would stare as I walk there. And as I was taken at the time it was so annoying how she would look at me. So I avoided making eye contact and I basicly just looked every now n then and she was just staring at the floor on the tram holding her hands to her chest. Lol so after 2 months I was off sick so didn't see her then she seen me and looked shocked she then smiled as she walked past and the following day she spoke to me something like a sorry even though she did nothing wrong almost forced her words? Is she interested or just friendly? I mean whenever I'm a distance away she would normally look but I sat opposite her and she ignored my eye contact lol asif o wasn't even there haha


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  • I think she likes you. You should try asking her out :)

    • I don't know if she has a boyfriend as I've seen how she acts with others and she's really nice to them so it's really confusing one thing I've noticed tho is if I stand near her she huffs and puffs lol. But the main sign is when I hadn't seen her for months she always seems shocked to see me and kind of forces some sort of communication with me but still on other occasions avoids eye contact

    • It sounds like she likes you. Next time you see her, approach her and ask if you could take her out to coffee or something. If she has a boyfriend, that is likely when she would announce it. If she doesn't, she'll probably accept it. You should at least give it a shot!

    • I am unsure because I'm the one who stated it she may just be looking back at me cz I was her but then when I sat opposite her she looked at everyone else but not me. Like I was invisible but on other occasions she would look shocked to see me well weird Id feel well weird if I went upto her she's spoke to me before because she though she was blocking my path to get off the tram. I'm a sucka for signs as she may just be being polite she always looks me up and down aswell and I've noticed she copies my actions abit

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